The losses calibrated or calibrated leaks are the orifices through which passes a given gas flow. They are used in industry in order to meet the need of quality control and calibration of leak detection instruments.

The leakage rate is expressed as a flow of gas at a given pressure at a given time. The units of measurement are usually employed Pa m3 / s or mbar l / s for helium leaks or air, g / a for the refrigerant gas leaks.

Because an escape can ensure a sufficiently stable value can be considered as a reference, it is necessary to take into account various physical aspects such as the temperature, the flow regime (turbulent, laminar or molecular), the type of gas used (molar mass), the gas concentration and pressure.

ESA Service produces calibrated leaks of helium and refrigerant gases necessary for the calibration and verification. The joints loss value is that required by the customer and is guaranteed the service of periodic recertification of the joints, both of own production that of third parties. The range of the joints produced varies from 1E-3 to 1E-8 mbar l / s.