ESA provides equipment for vacuum process, leak detection, charge of refrigerant gases, tests for production lines of domestic and professional refrigerators, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc.

ESA provides turn-key lines complete of conveyors and supervision systems for entire production lines. ESA machines are used in the production of refrigerators, well refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, beverage dispensers, refrigerated counters, ice makers, air conditioners, heat pumps, etc.

They are also used for tightness controls of refrigeration components: condensers, evaporators, nofrost evaporators, roll-bonds, valves, heat exchangers, compressors, liquid indicators, cryogenic valves, dryers, filters, etc.

ESA also produces equipment for capillary flow test, for the test volume of components, calibrated leaks, coupling for quick connection of the components to be tested.